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BMS software is Current and Vital
As congress continues to target the HME/DME industry for pay cuts, prudent wise providers are adopting aggressive internet barcode inventory solutions coupled with proven billing claim filing and remittance software to grow their business. The best experience provides proven results.
Avoid Medicare cash flow disruption!
Effective May 1, 2011, Medicare will no longer support modem dial up. To maintain your cash flow, Bonafide Management Systems will provide Medicare EDI file transfer service for you. Sign up before the end of January to get free service for the first 2 months!
Bonafide Management Systems (BMS) has managed inventory and distribution systems with barcode technology for over twenty five years. We have thousands of locations around the world using our inventory management software. Some are companies with one store and others are multi store chains, some having 200 plus locations. Experience with accurate inventory management across all manufacturing, distribution and vendor supplier models is a "must" in the Home Medical Equipment and Durable Medical Equipment industry which up to this point has been "non existent". Experience counts.

BMS has extensive experience in consolidation of stores within an industry. Whether you are one store and want to grow to a chain of stores, or you already have a chain of stores and want to acquire other stores and easily, quickly and accurately fold them into your operations this is the software for you. Experience the growth.

Billing, claim filing and remittance operations is a core value of the BMS culture. We filed medical claims in excess of $200 million a day for such clients as UCLA Medical Center, Yale University School of Medicine, Cedars Sinai Hospital and Loma Linda until Web MD purchased that entity from us. Experience the best.
MedEq Manager is an internet online Software that manages all areas of a HME/DME with complete state of the art bar-coded inventory management for billing and claim filing insuring "cash flow" and growth of business. From built in supplier catalogs to Point of Sale with Medicare Eligibility plus Intake, Shipping, Billing, Claim Filing and automatic posting of ERAs.

Experience employee productivity and accountability which increases cash flow by implementing proven inventory, billing, claim filing and remittance technologies for a single or multi store company.